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I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your help in getting me this earlier appointment to see Dr Stevenson today - what a lovely man - he read my emailed background history (which I believe was helpful to him), listened, explained things in detail, was methodical and organised in his approach - arranged blood tests which I can have done this Friday, wrote out a new prescription for my GP and follow-up appointment for 3 months' time (Thursday 8th May at 4pm) and I have come away feeling very hopeful, indeed. I realise I don't have the results or all the answers yet, but it has left me feeling more positive following our meeting. 

There are many good doctors and specialists out there, I know, but I just wanted to say, it is not every day you come across one that has a combintation of many other qualities in one sitting - not just what they specialise in.

Please pass on my thanks

With kind regards

Patient A

I just wanted to take this opportunity in thanking you for accepting and caring for me in your clinic.

My life (health) has improved significantly since being under your "Excellent Care", with the help of Femoston Conti HRT, which is working amazingly well for me and of course your guidance in respect of being pre diabetic. 

I am so appreciative of being helped along the correct pathway by you.

It has been truly a real pleasure to know you (Please continue to keep your lovely sense of humour).

With warmest regards and all good wishes

(and husband Mike)

Dr John C Stevenson
Royal Brompton Hospital
Sydney Street
London SW3 6NP


Secretary (Angela):
020 7351 8112